Charlee Phutiyotin

Country: Thailand
RC Type: Car
Driving Year Since: 1995
Motors: Scorpion RS-3420 4.5T, Scorpion RS-3420 13.5T
ESC: Scorpion Vanguard S3-140 Modify Kit Set
Participation Event or Competition with rewards:
Classes Raced: 1/10 EP Touringcar , 1/10 and 1/18 GP racing car , 1/8 GP Buggy

Favourite Race: TITC

Favourite Track: RC Addict

Top Results:

2013 IFMAR 1/8 th i.c. Track racing world championships 8th place, Japan

1st BIRC 2015

2 time TITC a-main final

2 time 1/8 buggy Thailand National Championship

2014 1/8 JMRCA 7 place

2014 AOC Hong Kong the third place