About Us

Scorpion is a well known brand in RC industry during the past decades which was founded in 1987 by Georges, an avid RC enthusiast, for the purpose of manufacturing the highest quality glow plugs available for both sport and competition flying. These original Scorpion products received wide acclaim throughout Europe and Asia during the late 80's, and were frequently found in the winners circles of national competitions. Over the years, the Scorpion Company grew and diversified, moving into other areas of manufacturing, but through these changes, Georges maintained his love for the RC hobby, and continued flying and competing.

Now, we are happy that scorpion power LiPo batteries will be firstly on sale in USA market and Scorpion Power LiPo batteries will give the customers power of performance, Scorpion Power batteries used industry leading technology workmanship, all battery cells used stacking and ultrasonic welding leading workmanship and all the cells are well selected and matched by Scorpion Power which give the models a great punch power. Scorpion Power LiPo batteries are not limited to competition use, and perform exceptionally well in all types of electric RC models, such as drone, FPV, Multirotor, Helicoter, Airplanes, cars, etc. We have a long term plan to produce the largest selection of LiPo batteries, our commitment to customer satisfaction is our primary goal. We are certain that when you consider the Quality, Performance and Value that LiPo batteries offer, the choice is obvious: Scorpion Power!